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    Monday, October 31, 2005

    The Dress Part Duex

    So I tried to wear The Dress to a Halloween party on Saturday, but there were just waaaay too many people in the house and yard to allow me even a small amount of movement.

    The train was two feet long in the back, after the three feet of clearance I needed for the hoop. I have come to the conclusion that lots of drunk people in a small space combined with late period clothing does nothing but stress you out.

    I really didn't want to have to kill the first drunk person who spilled a beer on me, so I wore it for about a half an hour and then changed into my fencing garb, which I just happened to have in my van.

    I have come to another conclusion. When mundane women hit their 35th birthday, if a midlife crisis ensues, they are likely to buy a red sports car. If a woman in the SCA has a mid life crisis, she buys a red dress. Not that I'm having a crisis, really. It's been a great few weeks, and I'm celebrating my recent good fortune. Did that sound contrived? Hmmm. I must work on my delivery.

    Anyway, The Dress will be making an appearance at Coronation. At least people in the SCA have a healthy respect for a lady's personal space whilst wearing such attire. Huzzah!

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