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    Monday, November 07, 2005

    Larkspur Renaissance Festival to move

    Well, sorry about the lack of posts lately. Still recuperating from my birthday. Yeah. Right. My lack of online time wouldn't have anything to do with a certain new fencer. Nope.

    Ahem. On to the local news.

    Seems as if the rumors about the Colorado Renaissance Festival moving out of Larkspur may indeed be true. What will happen to all the permanent buildings? Will they strap them all to a flatbed and haul them down the road? Unlikely.

    Chances are good that the individual building owners will be responsible for all costs incurred of moving their booths to the new site. I have a feeling the Faire is going to lose some quality merchants over this.

    Goodbye traditional blacksmith... hello cheap plastic swords!


    1. There ain't nothing wrong with cheap plastic swords.

    2. There's Lots wrong with cheap plastic anything at a faire.

      Just a thought for you as brought to you by John Coiner, by way of me: The article never actually says the faire is leaving, what it says is the the negotiations have failed and then goes on to rant about all the horrors that will befall Larkspur when the crushing vacuum of the faire's absence will be felt. In his view, and without going in to detail I'll simply say his view is worth considering, nothing has really changed and the fight goes on between The Jims and Larkspur.


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