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    Saturday, October 29, 2005

    Which D&D Character are you?

    Take the test to find out which D&D character you are. I ended up as a Chaotic good human thief.

    In reality (or un-reality) I've never played that in D&D. I've been a halfling thief, a half-elf druid, a human fighter, and once a human rogue/assassin. My rogue died a fiery death at the stake, which marked the end of my serious role-playing for a while. If I were to play again, I might have to try a dwarf. I've always liked dwarves.

    I cannot count how many weekends of my youth were consumed by marathon D&D sessions, where we would exist on Jolt cola and junk food for 40 hours straight. Ah, good times.

    I can look back on this and laugh now, at what huge geeks we were. At the time I was very serous about it. Now that we have this wonderful invention called 'the internet', there are sites dedicated to making fun of us RPG geeks.

    Like PlanetADnD's humor section is great. I've even uttered a few of the sentences in the "Last Words" section myself.

    And there's also Dork Tower, a comic for us RPG Geeks. Man, if I had only known how marketable RPG humor would be 20 years later. I would written all those funny things down for posterity.

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