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    Thursday, July 28, 2005

    Best Japanese food in the world

    Normally I don't go all crazy for Japanese food. My good friend Ian had told me about Domo in Denver a couple of times, and we got the chance to go a few days ago for Badger Blades end-of-faire-dinner.

    Holy wasabi. Jesus H. Christ. For once, I was speechless. As I walked through the gardens and admired the koi, I thought "wow, it's like I'm actually IN Japan." Then we went into the small museum, which has many items like World War II sake cups and uniforms that have been donated to Domo. Also in the museum is a sliding wall that allows you a great view into the Aikido dojo, where we watched students get hurled to the floor over and over. Worked up my appetite.

    I ordered the Wanko-sushi, which at first seems really complicated, but it turned out fine. I was really quiet through dinner, which usually means I'm either totally pissed off, or totally enjoying the food.

    Seriously, this is on my list of "things to do in Denver when you've got company you want to impress."


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