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    Tuesday, May 24, 2005

    D & D Magic Items I Need

    OK, moving is really starting to wear me out. I hate boxing up all my stuff. So, I've decided that I could really use a few magic items that some of my various D&D characters had found over the course of their adventures.

    1. Portable hole
    2. Bag of Holding
    3. That floating disk thingy that you can load hundreds of pounds of stuff on and it follows you around

    Oh, wait. I forgot. Now we have the internet where you CAN find everything you've ever's a couple of bags of holding. Looks like one is a little more modern looking than I'd like, but hey, it takes all kinds. And everyone's favorite manufacturer, Acme, makes a portable hole that will astound and amaze your friends!

    Now, on to the floating disk thingy. I figure it was just a magical version of our modern-day hovercraft, and hey, look, someone's posted hovercraft construction plans online for us all to use! Aren't they sweet?

    OK, maybe I need a golem or two to pack the rest of my boxes.


    1. I want a portable hole. I used to keep my sword of flight in my portable hole.

    2. Just don't make the mistake of putting your bag of holding in your portable hole. It would cause a reverse vacuum that would destroy everything around it!

      Um, yeah....that would be bad...mmmkay?


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