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    Thursday, April 28, 2005

    Missed the boat...

    Well, I guess some local Firefly fans were a little faster on the trigger finger than I. My post from yesterday about the advance screening of "Serenity" in Denver went up after the theater was already sold out of seats for the preview.

    Funny thing is, the woman at the theatre apparently had no idea what movie they were showing until they got inundated with calls about it. It was simply supposed to be a market sample.

    I'm sad because I'll have to wait until September to see the movie, but I'm happy that it's getting all kinds of press and cult following MONTHS before it hits the theatres. I know the trailer is being shown already, and hopefully, maybe, Joss Whedon will be convinced that he should do a sequel. Or two.


    1. time machine

      i long for one

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