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    Wednesday, March 23, 2005

    Too many events, too little money...

    Well, the ka-ching I just spent on fixing my car wiped out my budget for SCA for the next month at least. No Sworded Affaire, Carnivale, or Grand Outlandish for me. Ok, MAYBE Coronation. Purely in the interest of journalism.

    I WILL make Glory War and Rogue Camp. Ok, technically Rogue Camp is not an SCA event. It's XCA - Xtreme Creative Anachronism. Yeah, I made that up. If you are not invited you can't go. Sorry.

    So all you SCA'ers, you got ONE CHANCE to see me this summer. Glory. I'll be in Darbuka or Shadowstag. Dancing, fencing or drinking. Or combinations thereof.

    Somebody better bring me a NostaRovia.

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