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    Wednesday, March 23, 2005

    Rumor mongering!

    Let's just say that when you get more than three people in a room together, you get politics and rumors. If you think the SCA is free of politics and rumors, I've got a nice piece of beachfront property to sell you.

    In my 10+ years of time spent in the SCA, I've had all kinds of accusations leveled at me. I will not go into the gruesome list of charges, but if anyone out there would like to get a little clarity on what they've 'heard' about me, I will answer all requests. Remember that I make it a point not to name names on this blog, so I'll be coming up with code names. Some of the rumors I've heard have a grain of truth, but like that game called 'telephone' by the time it goes through three people it's an entirely different story. I will admit to a few indiscretions, but nothing like what is apparently believed to be true about me.

    I think it's about time the truth was told. Especially about a certain Count. Or is he a Duke now? No matter.

    Bring it on.

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