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    Thursday, March 24, 2005

    Another don't ask/don't tell policy!!

    Apparently the Israel Defense Forces don't like thier recruits to play D&D. Not that this makes any difference to us Americans.

    As long as Bush doesn't start looking at policies like this, then us gamers can go out and shoot to kill for real!

    Can't you just see it?

    "Sargeant, take your men and hold that hill, the enemy will be making a straight line right through this area!"

    "What if there are dragons? I've only got three hit points left."


    "I mean, SIR. If there are dragons, we'd really need a wish spell or something. Do you have a 'Deck of Many Things'?"

    "Sargeant, you will take your men and hold that hill, with BULLETS, GRENADES and ROCKET LAUNCHERS! Do you understand?"

    "So, no magic missles, then?"

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