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    Friday, March 04, 2005

    Historically accurate garb

    The SCA encourages people to dress in historically accurate clothing. All of us have seen the bunny-fur bikinis, polyester T-Tunics and prom-queen gowns. I admit, for my first few events, that I couldn't tell a doublet from a hole in the ground.

    It's not like you can just stop in to your local "GARB MART" and pick up the latest fashions, though. Don't I wish. You can buy clothing from merchants, beg your friends to make clothes for you, or attempt to sew them yourself.

    Personally, I'll get a wild hair about once a year and make something, but so far, I've never made anything that would pass the "Laurel test." My stuff is only accurate from a distance. If you've got a good buzz on. And it's dark out.

    Anyway, I found this wonderful website called Medieval Designs from Italy. They cover quite a few types of clothing and all of thier work seems to be very well researched. Why, they'll even hand sew it for you if you are that much of a period Nazi.

    They even have period glassware and furniture. Not that these would be anywhere near cheap to have shipped from Italy, but maybe if you've got friends in Drachenwald, they'll go pick it up for you.

    The prices are all in Euros, so you'll need to head on over to The Universal Currency Converter to see how much you are really about to spend.

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