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    Wednesday, March 02, 2005

    Benefit Dinner Results

    Keeping up with the Talan Andolini stuff? Here's the scoop: I've been working my butt off for over a week getting this dinner/silent auction set up. It happened on February 28th, and the grand total that we raised for Talan is $4444. Yeah. Weird number. Any numerology people out there that can tell me if this is good or bad?

    During the dinner, I kept checking with the ladies working the door, and the Café Gondolier nearly reached their capacity of 140 guests! I have to stop and thank everyone at Café Gondolier for donating their time, closing the restaurant down for us and keeping everyone full of that awesome pizza and pasta. No one went home hungry!

    As for the auction, there were only a few items that did not receive any bids, and those were given back to the people who donated them. Some of the items sold for higher that their actual value, and some lower. I know a few people who made awesome deals on things like lift tickets and such, so we all have benefited from this! I know that I really love the Afghani bracelet that I managed to acquire for only $10!

    Anyway, because some of you have asked, I'm listing the final bid prices (but no winning names) on the auction items. If you do not see an item here, it is because it was either not bid on, or the bid sheet did not get back to me during the chaos of the auction. I'm pretty sure I'm missing a few, actually, so if any of you went home with one, please email me and let me know.

    Coupon for 1 pair of Crocs $30
    Coupon for 1 pair of Crocs $30
    Hat and Shirt $30
    Syrian Dumbek Drum $90
    OVO Helmet $20
    Copper Mountain 4-pack $75
    Copper Mountain 4-pack $65
    1999 Marlstone Wine $25
    Denver Botanical Gardens Gift Cert $10
    Mongolian Perfume Bottle $47
    Rossignol/Bandit Skis $100
    One Month Guitar Lessons by Rick Pruitt $45
    One Month Guitar Lessons by Rick Pruitt $40
    Superfeet Footbeds $40
    African Tapestry $10
    Tandem Sky Diving Jump $125
    Case of Beer $27
    Gold Hill Inn Gift Cert $40
    Book: Welcome to the Mountains $5
    Book: Looking for Little Egypt $5
    Book: Harem, The World Behind the Veil $10
    Galena Cellars Wine $17
    Jade Horse sculpture $5
    Iraqi Dinar paper currency $35
    Framed Still life Watercolor (Cat) $100
    Framed Still life Watercolor (Flowers) $150
    Matter Still life Watercolor (Flowers $150
    $150 of Jeet Kune Do Lessons $50
    B/W print female nude $15
    Japanese cork scene carving $5
    Afghani embroidered bag $10
    Afghani earrings $9
    Afghani cuff bracelet $10
    Pewter Goblet $2
    Big Candle $10
    Handmade Scarf $10
    Swany Gloves $22
    Swany Gloves $25
    $319 05-06 Eldora Season Pass $150
    Hotronic Bootwarmer $60
    Hotronic Bootdryer $37.50
    Auclair Gloves $20
    One day of yard work $30
    Amber Necklace $20
    $100 Renaissance Adventures Gift Cert $30
    True Beauty Gift Cert $40
    Samsonite Bag $10
    1 Hour Massage from BCMT in Gunbarrel $40
    1 Hour Massage from BCMT in Gunbarrel $41
    Dr. Pepper Lip smackers $3

    A huge thank you to all of the people and businesses that donated items and their time! Here is a probably incomplete list:

    Café Gondolier - Eldora Mountain Resort - Gloria Tinkley - Paula Shapiro - Jenna Woods - Rick Pruitt - Alicia Biando - Boulder College of Massage Therapy - Chris Hay - Julie Watts - True Beauty - Marc Hoge - Renaissance Adventures - Ken Ray - Girlz on Edge - Larry's Boot Fitting - Forever Lit Illuminations - Charleigh Loder - Josh Hill - Sean Lawlor - Once Again Books - The Drop Zone - Ron Bright - Best Dam Liquor -Julie Finn - Gold Hill Inn - William Nassmacher - Divas - Marc Fernandes - Copper Mountain - Steve Gambiesca - James Messerich - Julie Ray - and of course the few Anonymous donors!

    Wow. $4444.00! This money will certainly help Talan keep his head above water for a little while. Since he will not be able to work for quite some time, this will serve to keep him from getting deeper into debt. After all, he still needs food and insulin! I know he was VERY happy to be able to get out of bed for a while and come and visit with all of you who attended. The X-rays he brought were really amazing!

    Thanks again to all of you, and have a happier day knowing that we've helped out a friend in need!

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