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    Thursday, March 10, 2005

    Here be Dragons!

    I'd like to take a moment to point out that I've believed in dragons since I was four years old. So sue me.

    You'd think that because the myths and stories of Dragons have been told for thousands of years, that the movie studios would get something right eventually. So far, only Dragonslayer was worth a serious look. Dragonheart? OK, maybe if I'm really drunk. There's also Reign of Fire, which was pretty entertaining, except for that whole female-to-male ratio thing with the dragons. But the best dragon of all (but maybe I'm biased) was Smaug in the animated version of The Hobbit.

    It's not just the movies that have jumped on the dragons back to ride it into success. There's lots of other dragony things out there...

    Lets set the way-back machine to 1983. Arcade games were sucking quarters out of our pockets at a rate beyond comprehension. Then, it happened. Cartoons and arcade games had a bastard child, and named it Dragons Lair!! My God. I...can't...stop...playing...

    Around the time of late high school, I started receiving a mail order catalog from Dancing Dragon. Since 1987, they've grown into a vast empire of dragon-related merchandise. More dragon stuff that you can shake a wizards staff at!

    Tour a fire breathing dragon! How many times have you wished for real dragons? This interactive segment from makes them look all too real. And coming on March 20th on the Animal Planet... DRAGONS!

    Learn to draw a dragon, a very funny cartoon courtesy of Make sure your speakers are on, you don't want to miss the, uh...instructions.

    REALLY cool optical illusion Dragon that you can print, cut out and assemble!

    Which Elemental Dragon are you? Quizilla aims to find out!

    Ah, it feels so good to think about these creatures who have flown through my dreams and drawings all my life. Maybe I should completely geek out and re-read all my Anne McCaffrey books again.

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