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    Friday, March 11, 2005

    Cavalier boots

    Here is a review I did for last year. I thought I should resurrect it and post it here for your enjoyment.

    We all love boots. Especially nice, tall leather boots. Very dashing.

    We also love NOT spending $400 on our feet. Not that these guys who make the $400 boots don't make a great product, but they are simply not affordable for most of us.

    For much less than $400, if you want to complete your cavalier costume, or simply have something to protect your legs from the bushes and mud found at most primitive event sites, RenBoots are for you. I purchased mine well over a year ago, and I've been fencing and tromping all over really rustic sites (with cactus) the whole time and they haven't blown out yet.

    Of course, I got the 'entry level' boot for $105, called Prince John, and it DOES have a zipper (for all you period nazis) or lace-up grommets on the inside of the ankle. When this pair of boots finally does succumb to the harsh grounds of the Outlands, I will definitely contact these guys again for my next pair, which I'm hoping will be the Knight version with vibram soles for $300. Sexy!

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    1. I was at a craft show, and this lady was spinning her own wool. She is not an SCA'er, but she should be. Anyway, her husband will make period felted boots and shoes. I think they quoted me $60 dollars for boots, I could be wrong, I don't remember. Anyway the link to there website is as follows:


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