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    Friday, March 11, 2005

    Margos Period Patterns

    Here's another old review from last year...

    Elizabethan costuming has been the bane of many costumers' existence for years, mostly for a lack of quality research. The major adjustments that most patterns require means you are pretty much re-doing it from scratch anyway. But wait - there's another way!

    Margo's Patterns offers some amazing pattern packages for those of us crazy enough to wear late period. The Elizabethan Gentlemens' Wardrobe has doublets, shirts, sleeves, slops, breeches and enough pattern variations to keep you busy for weeks (or months if you sew like me). The Elizabethan Lady's Ensemble has even more to choose from.

    Underpinnings, bodices, skirts and accessories, oh, my!

    Want to know the BEST part? Of course you do.

    This lady has seriously done her research. A quote from her site:

    "Each pattern package comes with extensive instructions and documentation -- including detailed discussion of extant specimens, how they were made and worn, materials and techniques of the period, and the modern equivalents you can use to achieve the closest possible results."

    Expensive? Yes. Totally worth it? Absolutely. Prices range from $22 - $70, but trust me, you'll never buy another late period pattern ever again.

    Bring on the brocades, I'm chaining myself to my sewing machine for a year.

    Also, check out this great book from

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