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    Thursday, February 24, 2005

    Book of Kells on CD-Rom

    For those of you who remember the calligraphy and illumination I used to do in the SCA, you'll recall my deep love for the Celtic style.

    Long ago, I had gotten a facsimile version of the Book of Kells, but this appears to go one step further.

    How about a CD Rom of the Book of Kells? Here's some highlights from thier site:

    The Book of Kells CD-ROM contains all 340 folios or 680 pages of the Book of Kells manuscript.

    SEARCH – for Fish, People, Angels, Peacocks, Otters, Goats and find out what they mean…

    LISTEN – to the story of the monks striving to protect their masterpiece from Viking invaders…

    SEE – the journey of the book through the ages and the many treasures it inspired…

    ZOOM – in on the details of feature pages and explore the artists' intricate work

    Special Edition US$70
    Standard Edition US$36.95

    Oh, man. It might be time to pick up the quills again.

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