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    Monday, February 14, 2005

    What a festive weekend!

    As I mentioned earlier, I had a pretty full social calender this weekend. Saturday night was spent at Bantaba Dance studio in Boulder, at thier monthy Baladi night. A bunch of different dancers performed, there was live (and canned) music, and some really great vendors.

    This is a fun event, especially if you are just getting into this type of dance, because it allows you to express yourself without worry of petty comments or the all-too-common "pro" attitude.

    Sunday night was Lupercalia at Cervantes in Denver. Pretty Pagan-heavy crowd, but the music, courtesy of Khalil al-Tarab, was awesome. And for those of you who missed it, our favorite local dancer/artist with the two ravens tatooed on her back danced one of the best performances I've ever seen. Saucy!

    The theme was a pagan/roman feast, so I got a chance to wear my handmade linen toga (over a tunica, of course), roman sandals, bronze fibula pins, replica earrings, bracelet and amber necklace. There were several bedsheet and sarong style togas there, and even a couple made of vinyl (eeek!) but honestly, mine was the most historically accurate. Not that it matters. Really.

    Oh, and a couple dressed as Gimli and Arwen won the costume contest. But I'm not bitter. How "Lord of the Rings" costumes have anything to do with a pagan/roman feast is beyond me, though.

    At least I got to buy a pretty necklace from one of the vendors.

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