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    Friday, February 11, 2005

    I won a Villain contest in Second Life!

    So Thursdays are becoming my special night for Second Life, and I'm always looking for cool virtual events to attend to maximize my fun-time.

    Last night was a dance party for the Legion of Villainy, so I decided to throw caution to the wind and dress my avatar up as the most eeeevil thing I could think of.

    No, not George Bush.

    I had recently bought an outfit from Torn, a great SL designer, that was an asymmetrical 'mutant dark angel'. It makes the left side of my character normal, but the right side has a super huge black muscular arm that ends in looong claws, a shredded black wing coming out of my shoulder, and creates a slitted reptile eye. Pretty scary! It was also made for a guy, so I had to get creative with the lack of upper body coverage...

    I decided to tint my skin bright red, color my hair black, and with the addition of a set of red horns from a new friend, the outfit was complete. I became the virtual embodiment of my real super-power. I was the MUSE OF EVIL!

    I showed up with an animated spider that followed me around, and after much banter and jokes about 'sharks with frickin' laser beams' and taking over the world, I was pronounced the eeevilest lady at the ball. I won $300 Linden Dollars, which in reality only adds up to $1.35 in real money, BUT that's NOT the POINT!

    It has been proven! Even in virtual reality, I am the MUSE OF EVIL. You must all bow down to me!! Mwa-ha-ha-HAAA!

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