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    Thursday, February 17, 2005

    Why I didn't go to Estrella War

    Yeah, I know it's probably going to rain the entire time anyway, but I'd still rather be there than at work this week.

    Estrella War. I've made it there almost every year since 1994. Didn't go last year, but the year before that was crazy with that huge flooded river that swept through the event. Which was why I blew off last year.

    Anyway, I would have been able to go this year except for one thing. Money. You see, there is a particular gentleman from the Outlands (who shall remain nameless - for now) who I gave $500 in cash to, a YEAR AND A HALF ago to build me a tent.

    I was thankfully smart enough to create a very legal and binding contract regarding this transaction, which I have already shown to a lawyer who agrees it will stand up 100% in court.

    He has never produced said tent for me, and has come up with excuse after excuse as to why he has not sewn it. After about a year of this I said "ok, just give me my money back, and I'll find someone else to make it for me".

    Excuses again. Especially about how hard it is to find work.

    So, I find him some work, doing some general contracting stuff for another friend who needs work done on his house. I tell the friend WHY it would be cool to give this guy some work, so that he can pay me back and I can go to Estrella. All apparently went well on the job, so...

    All good, right? Nope. Another excuse.

    And guess where 'excuse guy' is this week?

    Estrella War. Spending money. If he had given ME back my $500, then I could have gone this year.

    I have told a few friends of my situation, friends that are going to Estrella War.

    Friends that will 'gently' remind him of his obligations.

    Friends that will tell him in no uncertain terms that if this is NOT resolved within a month after his return, that I will publish the whole story on the Outlands Yahoo Group with his SCA and mundane names, so that others may avoid my fate. Can you say blacklist?

    Friends that will remind him of the legal and binding contract that I will bring to small claims court, where not only will he owe ME money, but he will also be liable for court costs.

    Friends that will tell him, upon my clear and easy victory, that I will have his wages garnished, or failing that, I will OWN his truck.

    I could sure use another good event vehicle about now.

    1 comment:

    1. kamspaugh@gmail.com8:38 PM, February 18, 2005

      I know what you are going through. I lend a couple money to pay their rent and they bought a dog. Not a dog from the pound, but a purebred greyhound. They became very big in my former Kingdom in Greyhound coursing and paid me back within 3 years.

      Unfortunately lots of people in the SCA put their "SCA careers" ahead of real life. I wish you good luck collecting.


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