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    Friday, February 11, 2005


    I'm so glad I have a full social calendar this weekend. It will make the 'waiting to hear if I have a new job' time go faster.

    Anyway, I feel pretty good about the interview. I pulled out all the stops and created a nice presentation portfolio on CD, had great rapport with the interviewer, and even sent a follow-up thank you email.

    Now, I will NOT use this blog to bitch about my existing job, but those of you that know me, know that I should have left a long time ago. Here's hoping that the new place will offer, so that I can call my boss in Maui and give him my two weeks notice. Yeah, Maui. Rough, huh?

    Anyway, this weekend should result in some good blogging material. On Saturday, I'm going to a hafla where my guy is playing his awesome middle eastern music, and another friend will be doing a bellydance set. Cool! Sunday is Lupercalia, and I will be wearing a historically accurate, honest to God Roman toga.

    Lots of friends are expected to show up at both events, so I will be sufficiently distracted enough that I don't fret over this new job thing.

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