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    Tuesday, July 13, 2010

    SCA newbies and old-timers; rejoice! "Bright Ideas & True Confessions," an amazing, out of print book, is now available online

    And I'm not just saying it's amazing because she's an Outlander. OK, maybe I am, a little. I happen to think nearly everyone in my Kingdom is super intelligent and talented. Maybe it's the high altitude or something...

    I got a chance, long ago, to peruse this book, and learned many useful things as a newbie in the SCA. Good luck finding a paper copy now. The last printing was in 1993, so there might still be a few around in those big book merchant shops at Pennsic or something.  With that said, I shall say "Huzzah!" to the magic of the internet, which allows us this digital copy to access and share with others all over the SCA Known World.

    And it should be mentioned that if you find the online version useful, there is a PayPal donation button if you feel so inclined so donate to her efforts.

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