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    Wednesday, December 30, 2009

    Henry 8.0

    If Henry the Eighth were alive today, he'd likely be an internet addict. The BBC has produced a few comedy clips (starring Brian Blessed as Henry 8.0) that show how he might get upset with things like getting blocked on Facebook, his rivals' Twitter updates, and of course, online dating.  His current wife, Catherine Parr, has to deal with his constant requests for food and his bickering at the internet.

    I really hope they continue this series, just because Brain Blessed is such a perfect, funny monarch. Check out his Twitter account and Facebook Fan Page, too!

    Watch all 6 Henry 8.0 episodes here on BBC Comedy!!

    ...and Happy New Year to all!

    1 comment:

    1. Hey fiend thanks for the links! I've watched the episodes today, and man, it's soo funny....haha....I'm from Argentina, and here doesn't exists such things like Henry 8.0, haha....
      See you later, here's my blog too...


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