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    Monday, May 18, 2009

    Twitter meme: #MedievalMovies

    So Twitter is a really addictive social sharing tool if you haven't tried it. A feature called "trending topics" shows you what tons of people are talking about ALL AT ONCE. It's like an RSS feed on crack.

    One of today's trending topics is called #medievalmovies, and is hilarious. You have to *medievalify the names of non-medieval movies. Since not all of you have Twitter, I'm copying some of my favorites here. Man, it's like somebody started this JUST FOR ME! Some of these ideas are ripe for parody.

    Julian Calendar Girls

    Feudal Attraction

    You've Got Chainmail

    Weekend At Constantinople's

    Serf's Up

    Apocalypse Whence

    This Is Spinal Tapestry

    National Lampoon's Monastic Pilgrimage Vacation

    Grand Theft Cart: Market Town Edition

    Last Castle on the Left

    Ace Ventura: Parapet Detective

    Marketplace Royale

    Crouching Knight, Hidden Flagon

    Father Of the Wench

    My Big Fat Byzantine Wedding

    Under Siege Engines

    Up Close and Percival

    The Italian Renaissance Job

    I Know What You Ploughed Last Summer

    Gawain My Way

    Legally Blondel

    Sex in the Citadel

    Charlemagne's Angels

    Sisterhood of the Traveling Corset

    A Moat Runs Round It

    Buffy the Viking Slayer

    The Hazard of Dukes

    Mr & Mrs Blacksmith

    Thatch Me if you Can

    Its a Flat, Flat, Flat, Flat world

    A Feudal Good Men

    Annie Get Your Crossbow

    Sir Strangelove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love the Trebuchet

    Runneth, Lola, Runneth

    Some Like It Motte and Bailey

    Jerry Mcsquire

    Milord, Where is my Mount?

    Snakes On An Ox-Cart

    The Man With The Golden Trebuchet


    Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Catapults

    16 Tallows (or) Sixteen Candelabras

    Prithee in Pink

    The Star Wars of the Roses

    Single White Damsel

    Monks in Black

    White Men Can't Joust

    Die Bard

    Die Hard: With a Crossbow

    Reservoir Dragons

    Next of Bodkin

    Robert The Bruce Almighty

    * I'm like Shakespeare, yo! I can make up words and stuff.


    1. ROFLMAO! Those are brilliant! Thanks for that, nothing like some medieval wit first thing in the morning to start your day off right.

    2. Your talent was clearly wasted at AG! (Mine too... happy to have gotten the axe). I've lost your number - give me a call if you feel like it. Cheryl will give you my number if you if you've lost mine, too.


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