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    Saturday, July 05, 2008

    My zucchinis let me show you them!

    So, my old digital camera, being plagued with a recurring memory stick error up until a couple of hours ago, would not relinquish its bounty of images to me. This device needs replacing very badly, as the percussive maintenance I have discovered that fixes the problem briefly will likely only work for so long.

    Here, contained in this slideshow, is what I expect to be the swansong of my trusty Sony Cybershot F707; the saga of my garden. These images start around the end of April and end July 6th. For a few moments today, it seemed to work perfectly - I wasn't going to waste the opportunity that the camera Gods have granted me!

    If you click on the little 'speech bubble' in the lower left of the slide viewer, you can read my comments.

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