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    Tuesday, April 01, 2008

    Homebrew Happiness

    Oh, the yumminess of brewing your own beer. This photo is the *second bottle of organic Nut Brown Ale from our first batch of homebrew, which we opened last Saturday night.

    It had a sweet carmel taste to it, and almost no bite - very smooth. It's almost too drinkable. Soon after I took this photo, the third and fourth bottles mysteriously disappeared from the fridge.

    That would explain the Sunday morning headache I had.

    I created this photo using the techniques and principles of food photography that I have learned over the last 6 months (on a $3000 system) which I was able to replicate using my 7 year old digital camera and cheap materials bought at craft and hardware stores. Huzzah! I guess all I needed was some liquid inspiration!

    *What happened to the first bottle? I had only a few moments warning before the historic opening of the 'first bottle', which not enough time to get lights or any kind of backdrop up, and the room was very dim. So quite honestly, the photo sucked.

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