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    Sunday, March 02, 2008

    Tasty Estrella War XXIV videos

    YouTube offers up more delicious morsels of Estrella war, each with a distinctly different flavor. Don't skip dessert!

    This video by spencerosborne looks like a trailer for a hopefully longer project. There is a link on the video page to their website where there are longer videos for sale.

    This video by VickiCollins has tons of Outlanders and cameos by some Darbukans playing the War Wagon. I thought the soundtrack was the War Wagon up until it switched to jazz. I must say that's the first time I've ever heard jazz used in an SCA video, but it's better than death metal!

    Now THIS video is special. Taken by zellykat, it is a bit of the Bawdy Bardic Concert, and features Wolgemuts' version of Stairway To Heaven, accompanied by a large dancing rabbit. Being the "Bawdy" Bardic, this material may be unsuitable for children.

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