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    Wednesday, November 14, 2007

    WTB teleporter PST

    The headline of this post will make no sense to you unless you are wise in the ways of WoW chat-isms.

    The non-gamer version is "I want to buy teleporter, please send tell". Which might still be confusing if you don't know that 'tell' means 'message'.

    I need a teleporter by this Friday afternoon so that I can attend the Official Battlestar Galactica Convention in Burbank, CA.
    Coincidently, the Official Stargate SG-1/Atlantis Convention will also be held the same weekend in the same hotel! That's going to make for some interesting hotel room parties after hours, I tell ya.

    I simply must go; not just for the revelry after hours, or the costume contest, or the photo ops, but
    also for the collectibles and merchandise! Like the Quantum Mechanix "How to Spot a Cyclon" educational poster. And pretty much anything with the word FRAK on it...

    Having just now learned of these geekeriffic sci-fi conventions, (and with no other plan or way to get there on time) I will also need a time machine, because I've got to work this Friday. At least it's payday, which means I could afford the $329 'Gold Package' entrance fee.

    Oh, silly me... I could use the time machine to jump ahead to Saturday's lottery numbers and there'd be no worries about such a sum at all!

    Ok, so a teleporter and a time machine. By Friday. Anyone? NE1? Name your price!

    I'll pay you when I get back, after I cash my winning lottery ticket.

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