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    Saturday, November 03, 2007

    Tir Na Nog

    A lover of plaid, wearing no less than five at a time, he was a loud and distinctive man.

    He, a hearty Celt of great skill and story, is now bound for the land beyond the waves.

    Those passed before should rejoice at his coming, and bask in his fine company, laughing and entertained.

    Upon the hour of my own death, I shall seek him in Tir Na Nog to hear his tales untold, and we will laugh together once again.

    The Passing of Sean ui Neill the Staffmaker

    1 comment:

    1. My sympathies and good thoughts are with you and the other members of Sean's SCA family.

      I started with the SCA in Bofarrach many years ago, and remember him well. Sean was partly to blame for my interest in Heraldry, and more than partly to blame for the battle of "loudest and most colorful clothing" between the Gypsies and the Celts - we were getting along fine until he said he could wear thirteen plaids at once.. unfortunately for all present, he made good on his promise! Even his socks were different plaids. :)

      He will be terribly missed.


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