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    Wednesday, October 24, 2007

    Virtual Tourism, or, One thing leads to another.

    I've been visiting replicas of real places in Second Life, which I think is a great way to experience a monument or city you might otherwise never get to see.

    But, one must be careful of tangents in the virtual world, for there is much to distract you in the metaverse. Sometimes a guide can keep you on the right track.
    There are actually virtual travel agencies now within Second Life that will take you on a guided tour of pretty much whatever you are looking for. Castles, scenic balloon rides, tall ship cruises, whale watching, scuba diving and the list goes on...

    That would be a cool job, huh? Virtual Tour Director. I thought so too, so I started to do a little online research on the subject.

    Which led me to a site called Virtual Tourist, wherein I made myself a member just so I could create a virtual map of where I've been, lived and would still like to go:

    Get Your Own MapView Larger Map

    Yeah, I know it has absolutely nothing to do with Second Life, but it's a really cool map widget and website.

    It's just ironic that I would have never found this website if it weren't for the virtual world.

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