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    Wednesday, October 03, 2007


    It's the 20th Anniversary of The Princess Bride! I have the DVD that came out some years back, but the new Anniversary Edition DVD has so much extra coolness that I must have it!

    And, wow, I'm old. I wasn't out of high school yet when this came out in theaters. I'm pretty sure this was one of those movies I went to in a cape, too. Prime cape-wearing period, high school. Yeah. OLD.

    The new DVD, due out November 13th, includes:

    "The Princess Bride: The Untold Tales"
    "The Art of Fencing" Featurette
    "Fairy Tales and Folklore" Featurette
    "True Love and High Adventure: The Official The Princess Bride DVD Game"

    That all sounds like goodness to me. Plus,
    coolest box art ever:

    UPDATE: There is a Princess Bride game in development. Apparently the "True Love and High Adventure" on the 20th Anniversary DVD is a sample of it...

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