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    Tuesday, July 24, 2007

    Pennsic is upon us!

    I'm pretty sure it's obvious by now that I'm not going to Pennsic this year - I would have been commenting about it for a least a month by now.

    I know a few folks who are leaving shortly for this glorious, amazing experience and one of them is even a Pennsic virgin. If only I had the time, money and energy, I would go just to film the shenanigans commonly associated with Pennsic virgins.

    But alas, this is not the year I return to Mecca. I use the word Mecca, not in any disrespect, but as a descriptive meaning 'greatest possible'.

    Truly the Known World revolves around this place, just like the men of the desert circle round and round their black stone. Imagine a tent city comprised of all cultures and times, raised and removed in the span of three weeks. With row upon row of people, stories, songs, battle, and even love, right around the next corner, it is the absolute pinnacle of SCA experience. They even have belly dancers and coffee houses - such delights are commonplace....

    For those of us not able to make the journey, I shall post as many good Pennsic videos I can find while the great Kingdoms clash far, far away from here.

    But those of you who ARE going, please come back with more videos!!

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