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    Wednesday, May 30, 2007

    A long absence

    The dust has settled and I'm back online again, having recently moved back to the Barony of Caer Galen. While I did miss World of Warcraft a bit, it was good to be offline for a while; you can sure get a lot more done around the house, too.

    It has been a sad vacation from the internet, though, as here in the Kingdom of the Outlands, one of our great Barons has passed.

    Baron Patrick
    , from right there in Caerthe, (where I just moved from) was laid to rest last weekend after a sudden heart attack earlier in the week. Sadly, I was unable to attend either funeral or memorial service. I knew him to be a great man, but I wish I had known him better.

    I got to attend Crossroads for a very brief period of time, and it was short but sweet. I'm glad my campmates of Darbuka decided to camp really far away from the rest of the event, as it made it possible for us to jam all night and be silly loud all day without keeping any other SCA'ers awake or interrupting other performances. That means none of you at Crossroads outside of Darbuka got to hear the "FAR...speaker". Seriously, don't ever drink and digeridoo.

    Over the holiday weekend I got to shoot some footage of drumming and dancing, both at the event AND at the Kara Nomadica show at the Boulder Creek Fest, and yes, it's going to get posted soon.

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