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    Sunday, April 08, 2007

    Virtual Easter Egg Hunt!

    It's that time of year again, to bust out our sleuthing gear and search for the latest crop of virtual Easter Eggs. But I'm not talking about the colored, dyed, painted made-by-a-hen variety. The Easter eggs I'm interested in now are the hidden goodies in games, websites and movies! One of the largest websites devoted to this craft is, who have a huge archive and a very informative FAQ page. You could spend days there, finding out what treasures your favorite movies and games hold for you.

    Some of my favorite DVD easter eggs are the ones hidden in all of the Tolkien Ring movies. These clips are vulgar entertainment at its best, created simply to drive sales up. But now, with the magic of the internet, one only has to search YouTube for copies of the eggs that some other enterprising geek has found.

    These easter eggs are not suitable for children, and should you wish to view the Dom/Elijah interview, Gollum at the MTV awards, the Peter Jackson interview by Ben Stiller/Vince Vaughn, or the Jack Black/Michelle Gellar MTV promo, I will not be held responsible for any ill effects upon your brain. Especially the Jack Black one. Not safe for work! You have been warned.

    But I also love the Firefly stuff like Adam Baldwin singing "The Hero of Canton" or the "Fruity Oaty Bar" commercial from Serenity! And these are clean, safe and child-friendly.

    Maybe you are a Star Wars fan. Yoda hiphop is pretty cool, and the only one I could find a video clip for online. lists several Star Wars finds, but I cannot vouch for their content or entertainment value.

    Lately, I've been stumbling across some NPC's in World of Warcraft whose names I thought must have some 'special meaning'. Turns out there are hundreds and hundreds of pop culture references in the game, most of which you can find on this fine list of EasterEggs by Blizzplanet. They've also got a page of Burning Crusade eggs, but since I don't have that expansion yet, I cannot claim any firsthand experience with this new area.

    And now for something completely different: Monty Python has easter egged some of their material as well. Here's a funny skit about a glassblowing factory that is hidden in the BBC compilation of Flying Circus episodes:

    Hooray Easter eggs! I'm going to go out to the store and see if all the chocolate bunnies aren't gone yet. Mmmmm......bunnies.

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