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    Wednesday, April 18, 2007

    Canadian Coolness - History Bites and AEMMA videos

    I've never really watched much Canadian TV, but what I have seen is strange and funny. I managed to catch a few episodes of History Bites once on a local PBS membership drive, and I laughed through the whole thing. Canadians, like the British, enjoy a bit 'different' humor than Americans, which can seem pretty controversial to the more sensitive types. It's rare when jokes or subject matter shocks me, but I appreciate that in my entertainment.

    It's really too bad that History Bites doesn't offer their collection on DVD yet.
    There are scant few clips on YouTube (none of which I'd seen yet) but this one shows that even in the 16th century, there was too much violence on TV.

    from Canada is the Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts, here on YouTube with their great web-commercial. Now that's selling a lifestyle!

    There is just too much coolness in Canada. I think we should invade and take their sense of humor.

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