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    Saturday, March 03, 2007

    Renaissance Festival documentary trailer

    What with spring approaching soon, Renaissance Festivals all over the country shall soon be opening their wooden gates to all good gentles wishing to partake in the fantasy and frivolity that is the "RenFair" lifestyle.

    This preview of a video documentary from Hate City Productions shows that "Rennies" are just like normal people - they have a need for supportive community, like to do what they love for work, and wear costumes on a regular basis. Oh, wait, that costume part isn't really normal is it? Especially not if you are a centaur...yeah, that would be a difficult outfit to explain to Bob in accounting...

    Maybe you'd prefer musical interpretation of the Renaissance Festival? Known only as the "Pirate Comedy Show" this talented group of performers has a different idea of what it's all about...

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