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    Sunday, March 11, 2007

    2 new Estrella War photo galleries + 1 REALLY bright video

    Just when I thought it was safe to stop posting about Estrella War, here come two more galleries of lovely photos taken by those lucky enough to attend!

    A Yahoo user named wodeford had created a gallery of 38 shots that are mostly of battle, but there's some hounds and a few beautiful sunsets too. And there's that same samurai from my first post of Estrella galleries. He must be a ninja or something - I've seen him in so many galleries that I'm starting to think he cloned himself for war.

    Now that is a great idea. Sending clones to War. Can you imagine? Take a few copies of yourself and you'll never miss a party! Go to merchants row and fight at the same time! Send a clone into town for ice or libations, and you won't miss that blackwork embroidery class. Leave one at home to work so your boss doesn't get upset that you are taking yet another 5 day weekend off for an event. Man, clones sure would make the SCA more fun. And the membership dollars would just skyrocket!

    But I digress....

    Baroness Bridget Lucia MacKenzie of Caid has crafted a fine Estrella gallery on the Blazing Sword website where all the photos are sorted by day. There's lot's of battle shots, some Court, some arts & sciences, but my favorite so far is this portrait of some of their younger fighters. A few more photos down the list is a great image of the kids boffer battle! These are the Knights of tomorrow - look on them well, for they may be standing over your old, broken body in Crown Tournament someday.

    Last, but not least, is the latest Estrella video to hit YouTube - the title is BATTLE!!!!!, but it's really just that waiting period before the horn goes off. You really get a good sense of the scale, and the large number of fighters fielded that day. This video is clear evidence that Atenveldt has the dayball set on kill. Ow! My eyes!! The light - it burrrrrnnnns.....

    1 comment:

    1. That's my video!!! Woo hoo I am famous!! LOL I hate my camera. I have tried every setting on the camera to get it not to over expose to no avail. Nothing has worked. We are getting a new one before next year though. So better videos to come!

      Thanks for the post!
      Bindweeds AKA Pesha of Drachenwald


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