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    Thursday, February 22, 2007

    Estrella War 2007 Videos and Photos

    Though it is not a very long clip, here is YouTuber Latikono's capture of our beloved Outlands War Drums...

    I've only been able to find a few videos of War online. So what's the holdup, everyone? I mean, you've been back two whole days by now! Get those clips uploaded to YouTube or MySpace so those of us who missed it can watch! I'll post more as they surface from the murky depths of the internet...

    On the photo front, Flickr already has a plethora of pictures to peek at!

    Iaincaradoc has some great photos! The very first one is a beautiful rainbow over the event! Check his gallery for a bunch of battlefield shots.

    Ririsyncyr's Estrella War gallery has only a few photos, but if you have a far-east persona, you'll want to take a peek at the remnants of the Chinese feast, complete with i-Pod for music. Now if that's not anachronistic, I don't know what is!

    If you like late period costuming, check out this batch by Dorinda2212. Boy those look like an awful lot of work - both in sewing time and in 'getting yourself dressed and undressed' time.

    Now, Wilgar's Estrella War photos should appeal to some gentlemen out there who appreciate the fine art of bodice-watching. Lots of shots around merchant row makes me almost think I'm there!

    Another small batch of photos comes from foreverforlorn, who has managed to capture a few Outlanders gathered by the battlefield. And who is that? I spy with my little eye - a samurai!

    UPDATE: More links!!


    My Estrella galleries are online as well -- please feel free to use and enjoy.

    - Simon Drake

    Oh, thank you Simon, these are truly fabulous! A whole gallery just for Darbuka! Outlanders should definitely browse ALL the galleries - you will most likely see someone you know!

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