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    Thursday, February 15, 2007

    The almost worst Valentines Day ever

    Warning: This post is a rare one - it is of a very personal nature.

    My partner in crime, my Lord Aleksy, was admitted yesterday to Denver Health through the emergency room. Turns out he had two gall stones, an infection, thickening of the bladder wall AND a perforation. He will be there recovering from todays' surgery (total removal, laproscopically) for 2-3 days minimum.

    He had been living with the growing pain of gallstones, but in the last few weeks had been experiencing more pain, more frequently.

    We are very lucky that one of the surgeons saw enough in the CAT scan to recommend removal, although at that time they were not aware of the perforation, as it was hidden in inflamed tissue.

    Very lucky indeed. I'm grateful that he didn't just get discharged from the ER with a vicadin prescription as the first doctor recommended. His condition was life-threatening, and with the perforation, his next meal could have killed him.

    And luckier still that we did not attend Estrella War.

    His symptoms were part of what made him cut back on fighting. He wanted me to say to anyone who may have missed him at practice that he hopes he can recover enough to return to the field someday soon. Even though he hadn't done it very long, he very much enjoyed it.

    As for his drumming, it may be a bit before he can sit up comfortably. While I'm HOPING he can come out to next weekend's Hafla, I don't think he'll be in any condition to participate in too much fun. But I don't know for sure at this point if he'll even be out of bed.

    If you need even more details, please contact me via email. As was the case with Don Talan, when he was seriously injured a couple years ago, I expect I'll be setting up some sort of benefit or auction soon to defray some of the costs of the medical bills, so be on the lookout for that announcement. If you want to send cards or messages, I can make arrangements to receive and deliver them for you.
    If you DO have his phone number, please refrain from calling right away. He has trouble being understood on the phone due to the tracheal tube that was in his throat. In a couple days, he'll have his voice back.

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