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    Monday, November 20, 2006

    "Fyne Goods - Bad Humor" is open for business!

    Since lots of people keep telling me I'm darn funny, I'm inclined to start believing them. So why not make some money off my ideas? Hence, the creation of Fyne Goods - Bad Humor. Which you can now access through a convenient permanent link over there on the top left column. I know there's only one item in there, but I guarantee there are many more to come.

    This post marks the first phase of blatant self promotion. I'm hanging my hat out to see if anyone throws money in.

    Phase two involves an army of minions papering all the privvies at Estrella War with my propaganda...uh... I mean... announcements. Right. Hmmm.... I'd better order some more duct tape...

    I'm really just getting over the fear of the major time commitment that it would take to put my crazy ideas up for sale. Now little by little, they are escaping onto the internet...'s what the world is in for:

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