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    Monday, October 02, 2006

    Unser Hafen Newcomers/Baronial Investiture

    So, this past weekend was Unser Hafen Newcomers/Baronial Investiture. It was an emotional time, with the 'changing of the guard', so to speak. While I was not techincally in their retinue, the household to which I belong was present with them at many, many events.

    Normally, I don't like court much. I especially don't like getting called up to it. But when the soon-to-be Ex Baroness asked for all of the household of Darbuka to attend her in court, we all kneeled and accepted her thanks for our music and dance contributions to her Barony and Our Kingdom.

    Then, we got to process them out of their last court, to the sounds of darbukas, zills and jingly coin belts! OK, court is not soooo bad.

    Another fine thing happened this day - I broke in my new weapons. Having this new good job has enabled me to purchase the sword and dagger that I had the raging covets for at last Estrella War. When I first saw James the Justs' work, I was not financially in a position to afford even the smallest of daggers (unemployment will do that to you) but I knew that someday, I would own something he had made.

    Well, last week, my new 37" schlaegger and super cool half-basket dagger arrived. Affixed with fresh rubber tips, they traveled with me to Unser Hafen, ready for battle. After morning court, and a bit of lunch, I strode to the field and my previously swelled head deflated when I proceeded to get my slops kicked by Don Justinian.

    Apparently, I'm way out of practice. Maybe I've been shooting too much video lately, and not spending enough time fencing. Speaking of video, here's what you missed if you didn't go to the post-revel after Newcomers...

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