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    Wednesday, September 27, 2006

    Map thief update & Crash Test Knights Video

    Just the other day, I mentioned that E. Forbes Smiley was about to be sentenced for the theft of many antique maps from various libraries. Well, he got three and a half years for his crime.

    Sure, he helped the authorities recover many of them, but three and a half years? If he behaves himself, he could be out in two! To me, this crime is very similar to the Taliban destroying the ancient stone Buddhas in Afghanistan. He was ripping off HISTORY. But, the justice system has never been all that heavy handed with grave robbers, makers of 'artifakes' and art thieves, so what did I really expect?

    Ah well. Just so that I don't get too steamed up about it, I'll be changing subjects to something completely different:

    Ever wonder just how much abuse medieval jousters put their bodies through? Well, this German video (with subtitles) uses crash test dummies to delve into the brutal world of jousting.

    CRASH! BANG! I feel much better now.

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