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    Friday, September 22, 2006

    More Crown Tournament Photo links and A Mighty Skirmish

    Links to more Outlands Crown Tournament photos, as promised!

    Outlands Fall Crown '06 Created by Deerbourne

    Fall Crown 06 Created by arwensouth

    This one by pryor
    includes photos from Baronial Investiture as well!

    And here's fresh video from melee practice in the Barony of Caerthe, in the Outlands that pits 5 against 8. I think all of the 5 are Knights...

    It's a mighty skirmish that finishes off with the classic 'everyone gang up on one guy' attack!

    Also, audience participation archery mades this an exciting melee for everyone. But this is why you see no audience in the side seating. Arrows were bouncing off into the bleachers.

    No fighters were injured during the making of this film!

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