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    Friday, May 12, 2006

    More Tynker Tales

    Mentioning Sam Tynker's birthday a few days ago reminded me about so many Tynker Tales. I have so many, many memories of Clan Tynker at events in the Outlands (and other Kingdoms) for the last 13 years. I have been privy to the finest of sights, like the famed Casa Bardicci performances. I have even been 'on stage' with them, getting juggling pins tossed around my head. And never once did I get nicked.

    The Outlands WOULD NOT be what it is today without so many Tynker Tales. Nor would Pennsic.

    My favorite one is hearing a little boys' comment to his mother on merchants' row, after witnessing a midday juggling performance. "Mommy, remember when I said I want to be a Knight when I grow up? I want to be a Tynker instead."

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