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    Thursday, April 13, 2006

    Scrambled Ramblings

    As I was not so gently reminded by one of my readers the other day, it has been WAAAY too long since I've posted anything of worth here, and I'm sorry for that.

    Let's just say that working too much overtime, moving and settling into a new place will do that to you. Oh, and getting totally sucked in to HBO's Deadwood Seasons 1 & 2 DVDs. I've never liked westerns. Until now. It's Shakespeare with the most incredibly vulgar swearing. I'm totally hooked. But don't worry, I'm not going to run off and join another reenactment society! But to reenact the old west would be anachronistic indeed! Too bad I just can't get over the guns. I'd much rather fence.

    Moving to Caerthe has lessened my commute to Caer Galen fencing practice to only 25 minutes! Not that I've been able to fence much lately, though. Oh, moving is SUCH a bother. Speaking of 'bother', did you know Winnie the Pooh got a star on the hollywood walk of fame? How cool is that?

    I mostly feel like Eeyore right now, though.

    Hopefully my mood will change with the coming weekend. I'm heading up to Unser Hafen for Luck of Heroes. I'll be bringing a couple of boxes of SCA stuff I want to sell. Not that I'm trying to compete with the auction.... OK, I am. But I'll give over an item or two for that. I'm not completely selfish.

    On the horizon - I'm starting a couple of new and finishing up a few old sewing projects. So if you happen to be wandering around my new neighborhood and hear screaming, it's probably just me.

    Other projects: An updated version of the Outlands Map by 20th year. Even though I can't make it to that event...but can I pull this one off? I sure hope they get cloning perfected soon. I'm going to need four of me this summer....

    Speaking of summer, the camping event season officially opens for the summer at Grand Outlandish, and I really REALLY should go. The new site is apparently much better than the previous sand traps. And I've heard something about a ShadowStag party?

    It's only SIX WEEKS AWAY. SIX.

    Unless a bag of money falls out of the sky into my lap, I don't foresee this one working out. Maybe I'll get incredibly lucky and find a job in Denver. One that wouldn't mind me taking four days off right away. Sure.

    And more time off for Glory. And that wedding that conflicts with 20th Year.

    Yeah, and I'd like MORE time off for that free trip to Trimaris...I wonder if there's any good events to crash? Hmmm...Trimaris is the home of Maybe a reconnaissance mission is in order??


    1. where did you score season 2 on dvd?!?!?!?!??!!? I have an idear...

    2. Hi, found you through Not to nitpick, but as I have been involved with the SCA off and on for more than 20 years, I believe that you mean 40th year celebration.


      Conor mor

    3. Actually Conor, it IS 20th year, and if you'd clicked the link you'll see it's Outlands 20th year Celebration! The Outlands is almost officially old enough to drink....

    4. Sorry, my mistake. You are correct, I remember well the controversy surrounding the vote to go to kingdom. I can tell you about it sometime if you like.

      Once again my apologies.




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