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    Saturday, February 04, 2006

    New archaeological finds!

    The human race has been digging up this planet for an awfully long time now. With all of the development, sprawl and technology, I'm usually surprised when someone finds something buried in state, undisturbed. I mean, don't we have nearly every square inch of this planet mapped yet?

    Two discoveries have caught my attention this week:

    Ancient Greek Merchant Ship Found
    Feb. 3, 2006 — Photographs taken by an undersea robot are providing the first public glimpse of a wrecked ancient Greek merchant ship loaded with olive oil and wine that probably capsized in a sudden gust of wind off the coast of the island of Chios in the fourth century B.C.

    16th Century Tudor Chapel Uncovered
    A Royal chapel last seen more than 350 years ago and used by three generations of monarchs has been uncovered by gardeners. The original brickwork of a 16th century royal chapel, built by Henry VII, was discovered during work to relay pavements at the Old Royal naval College, Greenwich.

    Makes me want to go get a shovel and start digging...

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