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    Monday, October 03, 2005

    Weekend wedding and showers

    Boy, people sure are coupling up in Darbuka. Not that I mind being the token single chick, really, I'm very happy for all of you. At least I'm not going to these functions as single and not knowing anyone. Man, that would be just torture. So thanks to all my friends, for being there to hang out with this weekend. Even you non-single ones.

    Saturday, Don Talan and I journeyed to a lovely farm east of Fort Collins, where our friends Umik and Kalida were to be married. We arrived around 4pm, and spent some time throwing knives into stumps. There was also archery and an axe throw, but we had much more fun watching Don Dio teach a 9 year old how to be deadly with sharp things. Her Mom approved.

    As more people showed up, it occurred to us that we, the SCA'ers, were NOT in costume, while all the normal people WERE in costume. Kind of ironic. I didn't get one of the real invitations, I guess, where it was suggested that costumes be worn. Fortunately, I had a whole stack of garb in the car, and as it got colder, we were able to 'fit in.'

    Just a point of reference here: When normal people rent or buy costumes for a medieval/renaissance event, you can bet at least one woman will get a wench dress that is a bit too short...not that any of the men at the party seemed to mind.

    With Afro Celt Sound System blaring out of the barn, we watched many a spectacle of good fun and frolic. Heavy fighters, dancing, dangerous weapons...could a wedding be more complete? The non-traditional self-officiated ceremony was beautiful, as Umik and Kalida stood in front of all to say their vows and bound their hands. Huzzah!

    The food was awesome Indian cuisine, and the cake was rich chocolatey moussey (moussy?) goodness, The many varieties of drinkables were kept cold in a large flat bottomed boat filled with ice. Which was of course, constantly surrounded by people.

    At one point, a very large bonfire was lit (and I should mention here that a great deal of the guests were firefighters) and several emergency vehicles rushed to the scene to find that this fire had indeed been called in ahead of time, and yes, it was completely under control.

    I'm taking it as a good sign that three times I saw a small flock of white doves, circling the area. They were not purposefully released for effect. Supposedly that means a peaceful, happy union. Well, as far as omens go, that's a great one.

    Some people camped over, but I was feeling rather lazy about setting up my tent, so Talan and I left around 11, I think. Good idea to get enough sleep for the next day's festivities....

    Sunday's bridal shower for Kat (who will marry Donovan next weekend) was just precious. And I don't use that word lightly. It was such a nice day we all went outside in the yard for the champagne, tea, amazing food and of course, presents and games.

    We all brought our own teacups, and the idea was to leave them with Kat so that she could have a collection of funky, mismatched teacups to remember her bridal shower.

    As gifts were given, words of wisdom were spoken by the giver. Some were funny, some were quaint, and some were even a little PG...but all were meant with love and friendship. I think Kat will have amazing memories from this day, as well as an amazing amount of new stuff to work into her and Donovan's home. Fortunately, her daughter Brenna was on hand to help with the unwrapping, stray bows and decorating ideas for her newly acquired gifts.

    I can't wait for next weekend. It will be a Darbuka wedding for the record books.

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    1. Hi Carrie. Can I be the token single male?


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