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    Tuesday, August 30, 2005

    Sucked back into Second Life

    So now that I have a high speed connection again, I have been able to delve into the world of Second Life to my heart's content.

    I decided to change my avatar to look like a character from Dune. I've spent so much time this summer without an internet connection, that it feels like I'm coming back into civilization after being in the desert for months.

    I'm having a hard time re-adapting myself to virtual reality, though. Most of the friends I made are gone, or they just aren't logging on at the same times I do. There have been many changes too, with more sims, games and upgrades. Man, does every sim have to have a strip club now? It was only a short three months, and I feel like I've been left behind, to become a dinosaur. Geez, I guess I feel anachronistc.

    The only other newsworthy item is that it's Ian's birthday tomorrow. Sorry I can't be there to help you celebrate. Here's hoping that we can catch up in person over my birthday in New Orleans. Assuming they are all dried out by then...

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    1. *SWOON*

      My name is a killing word, just like the Kwizatz Hatterach.


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