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    Saturday, August 20, 2005

    Rare map thief gets caught red handed

    It's amazing what you'll hear if you start chatting about maps. The nice helpful guy at the place I applied yesterday told me about this, after I told him about my love for medieval cartography.

    This idiot just got waaaaay too greedy. With a name like "E. Forbes Smiley III," you would think you wouldn't have to STEAL for a living. The sick thing is, I have used his website as a reference. He didn't often have maps that fell into the SCA time period, but occasionally he got stuff that was just beautiful. I'm so VERY glad I never bought anything from him.

    Fortunately for us, now there is the power of the internet. Here's a nifty page that details map thefts from all over the world. Most of the recent news is about "Smiley", so scroll down for other tales of cartographic woe.

    1 comment:

    1. what a jerk, you talk as if you know forbes, you dont know the details of the case, and stop making fun of his name, does someone do that to you, Forbes is a good person, he commited a crime that was wrong but he also did so much good for so many people, (a whole small town in Maine even!), that you dont know about, you dont know anything but bad things and thats all you say. I'm sure his 6 year old son would like to know how you talk about him.


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