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    Tuesday, May 17, 2005

    Movie Review - Kingdom Of Heaven

    It is my sworn duty to see every movie that is set sometime in the past. I shall brave the bad reviews, sticky floors and fidgety children to endure just about any amount of cinematic abuse.

    Kingdom of Heaven wasn't so much abuse as it was uninspiring. Maybe I was having an off night, but I'm trying to recall scenes from this movie now to write about it. It all seems to have evaporated like water in the desert.

    Orlando Bloom seems to have grown out of his "elf" stage, though. And the princess does have a short little henna session that would have been much more interesting to me a few years ago, when I still had a henna business.

    The costumes of Saladin's army were quite nice. A couple of good scenes inside lavishly decorated tents, some halfway decent fight scenes, and Orlando even takes his shirt off once or twice. Ooooh.

    I think I'll watch Pirates of the Caribbean again .

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    1. One cannot really go wrong with Ridley Scott at the helm.


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