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    Tuesday, May 31, 2005

    I am the thing in the basement that makes noises while you sleep..

    So I've gotten myself mostly moved into my temporary pad in Sir Torin's basement. I like to scuttle around down there and pretend I'm a creepy dungeon dweller or something. I guess that's just years of being afraid of dark basements coming back to haunt me in some strange way.

    Of course when the heater kicks on about 2 feet from my door it scares the crap out of me. Houses make the most interesting noises. I'd almost be afraid to hear what this would would say if it could talk.

    In other news, I spent one night at Crossroads last Saturday, and had a great time in the Dawn Ship of Darbuka. It's really a shame that Crossroads has a noise curfew at 10pm. What's that, like an hour after dark? Please. That's my only complaint about the Crow Valley campsite, which is why I haven't set foot into any events held there for years. But it was MUCH easier to go there (1 hour away) than to attempt Grand Outlandish (8 hours away). I needed a break from packing and moving. I got myself thoroughly intoxicated on dark beer and Nostrovias! But not so intoxicated that I woke up in the wrong tent or anything...

    Well, that's all for now. I'm using a friends computer and internet connection to post this. Comcast shows up on June 7th to hook me up with high speed goodness. But, for about a week, I'll be offline.

    Rest assured, when the connection is live, I'll be back to babbling incoherently about the SCA, Colorado RenFair ( starts June 11th!! ), fencing and various other geeky pursuits.


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