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    Tuesday, April 26, 2005

    What's an anachronist to do?

    As I am rapidly approaching my layoff date (countdown: 3 days and 3 hours...) I find myself wondering what it is that I'll actually be doing, when I find myself another job.

    As much as I love technology, I'm wishing for a simpler work environment. Of course I say that now. If I were handed a game testing job right now, I think I'd pee myself from the excitement.

    I have several freelance illustration opportunites to work in fields that interest me. I could draw maps for Renaissance Adventures. I could do celtic designs for a leather artist at the RenFair. I could even start up my henna business again. I'm thinking I'll try and get a few freelance print and internet jobs for anachronistic businesses. Because Photoshop is really just a bunch of period medieval techniques.

    Yeah, right.

    What I REALLY should do is get off my butt and make a bunch of those funny t-shirts I've been coming up with for years. Because all I really know how to do well is satire and parody. Well, if I could make money making fun of things, that wouldn't be so bad.

    Kind of like this blog, except a paid gig. hmmmm....

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    1. It must be a bummer to have such an uncertain future. No worries though. You shall find something in which you like, and if you do not like it, it will tide you over until you do find something you love to do and pays well. If you ever need cheap entertainment, give me a call!


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